How to get rid of sex smell in room


One of the most pleasurable things to experience is having sex with your partner, and it is the only thing that you can’t get fed off.

We enjoy the experience created when having sex and in pleasure, we forget everything and just live in that moment, despite the surroundings and places where we are doing sex, sometimes in a room, kitchen etc.

But what happens after having sex!!

There is a strange smell of orgasm roaming in the surrounding where you are having sex and sometimes it can be troublesome. Imagine you just did sex, and your guest is arriving in a while but the sex smell in a room has not gone so you will think of only one thing that is how to rid of sex smell in room, but you can’t think of any strong method so fear, not I will be telling you from my experience that how to get rid of sex smell in room.


What does sex smell like?


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As every person is different from each other whether we talk about structure or genetically, every individual has a different smell depending upon their genetics, so when both the individual is combined when doing sex despite their gender their smell combines and emerges into a new kind of smell depending upon various conditions.



So, hygiene plays a very important role in determining what does sex smell like, because sex is like a cardio exercise the more you do the more sweat is created so when the sweat is dried then it smells depending upon how hygienic you are.

So, you know the smell of sweat sometimes it’s stinky sometimes it’s normal so that’s the first impression of the smell of what does sex smell like.

Semen and vagina


So, semen and vagina have their own unique smell depending upon the hygiene of you and your partner and as I said the smell can vary from person to person so sometimes the smell of semen and vagina is pungent, sour (due to alkaline) sometimes sweet and many times no smell.



So, the smell of sex also depends upon the condoms you are using, there are various condoms in the market which different flavours like chocolate vanilla strawberry etc, so they all smell like the flavour they are having, also the condom with no flavour smells because it has a lubricant and so its smell like a lubricant.

So, it’s normal to smell after doing sex and some people like that smell and count me in on the people who like the smell.



7 ways to get rid of sex smell in room


Cleaning your mess!!


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Just after doing sex, gently clean your genitals with warm water or also you can take a quick shower or if you are too lazy just sprinkle some water on it.

Cleaning the genitals will help you to get rid of sex smell in room as the smell of semen will not come from you after washing your genitals.




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So, after cleaning the genitals the second step would be cleaning your sheets, cover, undergarments.

As most of us don’t think of using sheet protectors so we have to laundry our sheets and cover because it can leave a distinct smell after some time.

And, sometimes the semen or lubricant smell is coming from our undergarments so my best advice would be to clean your undergarments also, for healthy and hygienic sex life.


Disposing of the mess!!


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Collect all the tissues and condoms and wrap in in the seal pack container and dispose of them, from where they couldn’t smell.

And try to put it away from the home because its smell is very strong and remains for a longer period.

These are the basic steps to get rid of sex smell in room.




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So, if you don’t have incense, please buy it because it is the cheapest sweet room freshener and at a time like this it could do magic.

so light up the incense and close the windows and doors until it burns all out, then open the window and doors for fresh air.

This is the best method to fast get rid of sex smell in room.

Room freshener & Body Deodorant


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So, after cleaning the room, if you don’t have incense then use any kind of room freshener and close the door and windows so that the room freshener can absorb the smell and then open all the windows and door so that the air can pass on.

Along with it apply some natural odour body deodorant so that it can absorb all your sweat and to get a good body odour.


Vinegar spray


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Take a quarter cup of vinegar and some water and boil it for about 2-3 minutes, after that put the vinegar in a spray bottle and spray around your home.

As vinegar is an absorbing reagent it will absorb all the bad odour from your room.

Wait for 10-20 minutes after spraying it then open all the windows and doors.



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You can take any of these, but I would suggest onion because it has a strong smell compared to lemon and orange, then peel it and put it on the bed or where you had sex and put it there for about half an hour along with it close the doors and windows.

After that open all the windows and doors and put some room fresher and the smell has gone.

So, these are 7 ways to get rid of sex smell in room and I am sure that these ways will help you to get rid of sex smell in room.