So, one of the unpleasant smells in our house is a burning plastic smell which makes our mood irritated and frustrating. So, there are various sources of burning plastic smell in house and I am going to tell you from my personal experience to resolve your problem and how to get rid of the burning plastic smell from your house.

What does burning plastic smell like?

So, every material consists of the plastic components in it, so it smells different varying from material to material, like

If the material consists of:

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic)

for example kitchen utensils, printers vacuum cleaners, etc.

Smell: if burnt it will smell like a sharp and sour smell.


Cellulose acetate (Natural plastic)

For example adhesive, frame materials, etc.

Smell: It will smell like vinegar and black smoke.



Smell: it would smell like burnt hair or burnt wool



Examples: Preset in all durable materials which are highly resistant.

Smell: It smells like a paint phenol or causes thick smoke.



Example: It is present in car seat belts, ropes water bottles, and all highly stain-resistant materials.

Smell: it smells like burning rubber or causes dark smoke in the house.



Example: present in plastic bags, plastic bottles, and every household plastic we use.

Smell: it will smell waxy or cause a black smell



Example: materials like a hard plastic-like mirror or any rigid plastic.

Smell: it smells like fruity or floral smell



For example materials like Precision, parts use this material. It’s known for its great strength, hardness, and rigidity, and it’s frequently utilized in applications that require high stiffness, minimal friction, and good dimensional stability.

Smell: It smells like a strong pickle like the smell or a gas-like smell


Polyphenol oxidase

Example: material containing fruit browning like when fruits turn brown.

Smell: it smells like woody dusty and rusty smell


So, these are the common plastic used in households and their burning smell.

And these plastic burning smell in the nose can be harmful to you also so you have to get rid of this smell as soon as possible.

Cause of burning plastic smell in the house?

First, you have to find the source of the burning plastic smell in the house and for that, you have to check the following spots:

Any heater or induction products.

Wood burner

Every heating system in your house

Air conditioning

Burnt wires

All electrical appliances

Or any other plastic sources

So, check thoroughly all the sources and find the source.

How to get rid of the burning plastic smell in house?


Solution 1

If the source of burning plastic smell is any of the electrical appliances like heater wood burner etc., then go to the professionals or electricians and they will get it fixed.


Solution 2


STEP 1: Take few amounts of coffee grounds.

STEP 2: Spot the burning plastic smell in house and scatter some coffee grounds over that spot. As they are a good absorber, they will absorb the burning plastic smell in house and spread the coffee smell in your house.

STEP 3: So, after some time spray any room cleaner spray or any deodorant in our house.


Solution 3

Open all the windows and doors of your house and then open the exhaust and let the burning plastic smell in house go out.

Then take an odor neutralizer and spray throughout the house.

Clean the source with a proper cleanser and then spray the odor neutralizer in it also.

And at last, pour some nice aroma scent in the house to get the sweet smell in your house.