Everybody wants a good odour where they live so that they can feel fresh and refreshing, and most of our mood also depends on our surrounding odour, like if you are surrounded by a bad odour location then your mood swings to angry mode very soon, you become less patience and irritated also but if you are surrounded by a pleasant odour then your mood swings to good mode very soon, you become patience, joyful and cheerful.

So, everybody has experienced a foul smell in their life and they pretty much think of not rewinding that day again, but what happens if a foul smell comes suddenly and you don’t know the reason why, and you can’t find the source of that smell, I think that day would be the worst nightmare for most of us. And I personally had experienced this so I will tell you the proper solution to get rid of your nightmare.

So, the foul smell I was talking about could be anything but most of the time it’s of any dead animal inside your house or surrounding which smell throughout your house.

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What does the dead mouse smell like?

The decaying corpse emits a foul-smelling odour of rotten cabbage thiols, methane, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, and pyruvic acid, as well as a “bouquet” of hazardous gases such as methane, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, and pyruvic acid.

This smell can be produced by any rodent family, as they have the same decomposition process.

How to locate a dead mouse?

Look in any area in which you placed rat poison, the rat may still be closed to the poison bait, so check these areas first.

Check the kitchen thoroughly for the rat droppings (faeces left by a rodent), as the mouse looks for the food where the food is most likely to be, like in the kitchen, so check the kitchen properly.

Look around the shelf of food or pantry or any open animal food bag.

The best weapon to locate a dead mouse is your nose as our sense of smell is strong. Move to the area bit by bit and take a deep breath and then smell at every corner of the house or surrounding where the smell hits your nose then check the area thoroughly.

You should also check the ceilings and all gaps and spaces in between the ceiling and the roof.

How to get rid of dead mouse smell?

dead mouse smell

dead mouse smell


STEP 1: Take some amount of coffee grounds.

STEP 2: Spot the bad odour and scatter some coffee grounds over that spot and every bad smell spot.

STEP 3: As coffee grounds are good smell absorbers so they will absorb the dead mouse smell and replace it with the coffee smell.

So, after some time spray any room cleaner spray.

SOLUTION 2: – Odour Neutralizer (Air sponge)

STEP 1: Take any odour neutralizer like air sponge, rat sort etc, but I personally recommend you air sponge.

STEP 2: Open the lid of the air sponge or any odour neutralizer.

STEP 3: Spot the area from where the dead mouse smell is coming.

STEP 4: Place the air sponge or any other odour neutralizer there.

STEP 5: Be very careful to put it at a place where kids and pets couldn’t get it.

STEP 6: It will absorb the dead mouse smell and neutralize it.

SOLUTION 3: – Cleanser

STEP 1: Locate the dead mouse in your house.

STEP 2: Take your gloves and mask and put them on.

STEP 3: Take a Ziplock bag and place the dead mouse body inside it.

STEP 4: Put cleaner odour protector and clean the spot where the dead mouse was.

STEP 5: Also use lemon-scented cleaner to clean the house.

STEP 6: After all your cleaning, spray any type of kitchen, dining or strong smell spray around your house, it will remove the dead mouse smell.

SOLUTION 4: – Vinegar or any other acidic strong smell (Baking soda, bleach, charcoal, disinfectant etc)

STEP 1: Take a small pot.

STEP 2: Take a half cup of vinegar or you can also take baking soda, bleach etc.

STEP 3: Put the vinegar into the pot and boil it.

STEP 4: Don’t cover the lid, boil it open in high flames for 1 min.

STEP 5: Take a cup of water.

STEP 6: Add the water to the pot.

STEP 7: Place the pot from where the smell is coming.

STEP 8: let it boil in high flames, the lid solution will create steam which will trap the smelly odour and absorb the dead mouse smell.