Why does my phone smells like burning?


There’s always an unpleasant and burning smell which irritates us and when we look around and find out that the phone smells like burning then it could be dangerous, so if your phone smells like burning then look into the matter keenly and follow the steps given below in the article.


Reason of phone smells like burning

lithium-ion battery

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Why does lithium-ion battery explode?

So, talking about the mechanism of a battery, it consists of two electrodes, one is Cathode (positive charge) and Anode (negative charge) and in between, them consist of an electrolyte, so when electrons move in between anode and cathode then we are able to use power from a battery to use mobile.

As our requirements have been increased and almost every individual needs a long-lasting and quick-charge battery so most of our phone’s batteries are lithium-ion batteries which fulfill our requirements which is a high energy density battery and also lithium-ion batteries are less stable that’s why sometimes it can’t handle so much energy and your phone smells like burning.

Local charger or USB cable

On being cheap and easily available many of us buy local chargers or USB cables which could lead to your phone smells like burning or even more dangerous issue.

As they don’t have safety guards like how much power to give to your mobile and sometimes, they emit more than enough power which can lead to your phone smells like burning.


Usage of mobile while charging

As our mobile is charging and if we are playing games or watching movies while charging it would drain as well as charge the battery at the same time which could lead to the rise in temperature of your device, and it can also lead to your phone smells like burning.


Switchboard or Extension board

Sometimes the real issue is not in your mobile phone, charger, or cable, it’s on your switchboard or extension board.

Maybe the switch on your board is defective and by that, its power circulating mechanism can get distorted and that’s the reason why your phone smells like burning.


Back cover

Using a tight back cover can compress the heat and also lead to phone smells like burning

Placing the smartphone in hot places

Sometimes we place our smartphones in hot places like in the kitchen, over the oven or stove, etc, which could lead to an increase in temperature and can lead to phone smells like burning.



As most of us think that overcharging is safe but sometimes it can be very dangerous, as we all know our smartphones are called smart so if you overcharge your battery then at the mobile full charge it auto cuts the charge and thus prevent your mobile by exploding, and all it is done by a chip which is inbuilt in your mobile phone for only this reason, but what if your overcharging deduction chip gets damaged or malfunction, then it could be a serious issue and could lead to your phone smells like burning, also overcharging your smartphone with local charger and USB cable can lead to your phone smells like burning.



7 things to do if your phone smells like burning

Checking your Battery

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The first thing to do if your phone smells like burning is to check your battery or the backside of your smartphone, if the battery or backside is swollen or heating then places your mobile in a cooler place and move away from your smartphone until it gets normal.

Also, if you have dropped your phone accidentally, the battery may have been damaged due to fragile design the phone’s battery can easily get damaged by a low drop also.


Original Charger & USB cable

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Buy an original charger and USB cable as it has all the safety guards and protect you from any damage, if your battery or backside is not swollen or the smell like burning is not coming from your mobile battery or back, instead it is coming from its charging port, then it’s a sign that either your charger, USB cable or your charging port is malfunctioned and need a repair.

Not using mobile while charging

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If you are using mobile and playing games or running heavy tasks during charging and your phone smells like burning or heat up then immediately close all the tasks and all the background apps, it will help to cool down your mobile.


Tight back cover

As many times our mobile heats up and due to the stiff back cover sometimes its unable to pass the heat out and hence resulting in phone smells like burning or a swollen back, so once a week remove your back cover for 1 min, which will decrease the chance of any issue.


Auto cut chip

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Check if the phone smell like burning is coming due to overcharging, if the smell is coming in the morning or whenever you leave your mobile overcharged, then first check the USB cable and charger, and after that check your extension and switchboard, and both are alright then your auto cut chip has been damaged, go to the service center.

If you want to overcharge your phone, then place it in an open and cooler environment.


Damaged extension or switchboard

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If your phone smells like burning and it is not coming exactly from your phone, it usually happens when you charge, then check the USB cable, charger and then check thoroughly the extension board or switchboard.


Go to Technician

At last, if any of the solutions are not working, then there would be an internal problem which can be fixed by a technician, so go to a service center or any other trusted technician.